Studio Kaimi was founded by Japanese interior designer Minako Bryson in 2019.


The quiet philosophies behind Studio Kaimi are represented in our name. In Japanese Kai 海 means sea, a symbol for nature and loving our planet, and Minako 美 means beauty, a symbol for calm, timeless elegance.


Minako believes that the key to designing beautiful and sustainable spaces is listening to each client’s particular aspirations, goals and needs. She combines this understanding with careful consideration of the building and its environment and forms a story that is the meaningful foundation for designing interior spaces that are unique to each client.


With over ten years of experience as an interior designer Minako’s love of colour, materials and texture inspired by nature, and a rigorous attention to detail and function bring each story to life. Studio Kaimi makes beautiful spaces that work, often finished with bespoke pieces of furniture and artwork that mix old with new and Eastern and Western cultures, made by their special network of fine artisans and artists in the UK, Europe and Japan.


Minako’s dual cultural backgrounds, having been born in Japan and now living in the UK for more than fifteen years, means she is very comfortable working in both countries. Although Studio Kaimi is based in London, it is an international team of consultants, suppliers and makers who regularly span the two continents working on a mix of residential, commercial and hospitality projects.